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12 December 2022

Five reasons for Virtual Tours

With Azury’s Virtual Tours, prospective buyers can freely walk through their desired properties on all end devices and in virtual reality, and especially in VR they get such a realistic sense of space through the three-dimensionality as if they were actually on site.
In this article, we summarize the five most important advantages of a virtual tour.

1. Geographically and temporally unlimited access

Azury’s Virtual Tours allow customers to view a property from the comfort of their own home. All prospective buyers need is a PC, tablet or smartphone, and the tour can begin. Whether you want to scurry through all the rooms quickly, take your time, or get up in the middle of the night – the Virtual Tours are available to Azury customers around the clock and from any location.

2. A truly transparent insight

One of, if not the most important point in presenting properties is transparency. We achieve this by showing the property in its entirety in our Virtual Tours. Prospective buyers can explore every nook and cranny from hallway to garden to their heart’s content, check out the room layout and size, and even discover the grounds from a bird’s eye view.
Above all, the virtual tour in virtual reality ensures that a very realistic sense of space is created for the viewer due to its perceptible spatial depth through three-dimensionality.

3. Prequalification for on-site visits

Virtual Tours, especially in VR, render a property more authentically than is possible with any other medium. Nevertheless, we consider the classic on-site visit an important follow-up step to experience a property with all senses.
Virtual Tours give you the opportunity to reliably pre-qualify properties and to decide with certainty which ones are actually suitable for an on-site visit. This leaves more time for exactly those properties that really suit you.

4. Efficient and time-saving

Virtual Tours are an efficient way to identify your individual knockout criteria in a property before you have invested time and money in planning and travel.
By eliminating the need to visit every single even remotely promising property on-site, you reduce the amount of time and effort you spend on site visits. At the same time, the fewer but more targeted viewings also have many benefits for owners and agents.

5. Virtual staging as a support for your imagination

With this point we are looking a bit into the future. When you see an empty property, it’s hard to imagine what it might look like furnished? You are not alone. And this is a very important reason for buying, after all, this is what you are looking for – could this property become my home with my furnishings? Even more mundane questions like “How would my sofa suite fit into the intended living room?” can become a nagging voice in the back of your mind.
To address these questions, realtors have two good options: Staging, as an example of furnishing a property, and Virtual Staging, as its virtual counterpart, specifically for virtual tours.

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