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11 September 2023

Hand tracking in the Azury Experience

At Azury Living, we are always striving to provide our customers with the most innovative technology and the best experience when buying and selling property. That’s why we’re particularly excited about an exciting new feature that will make virtual property viewing even more exceptional: enhanced hand tracking on the Meta Quest VR goggles.

This update has been gradually introduced since 20 July, which is why we have summarised the advantages and innovations for you:

Natural and intuitive interaction: “Hand tracking gives your app’s users the ability to engage with their VR or mixed reality environment in a way that is natural and intuitive” writes Meta in a blog post. These interactions deepen the immersive experience and help users feel more connected to what is happening around them in the VR goggles.

Previously, Quest VR goggles only worked by operating controllers. One of these controllers has six buttons. In addition to the, for most, unfamiliar VR environment, users* first had to get used to controlling with controllers. With hand tracking 2.2, controllers are now superfluous. From now on, users can fully concentrate on the VR experience. In the future, however, it will be possible to control the Quest Pro and Quest 3 with a mixture of controller and hand tracking.

Easy for newcomers: Hand tracking is more intuitive than ever before. Even if you’ve never worn VR goggles before, you’ll quickly be able to find your way around and explore the virtual world, without any controller at all. All you have to do is use your hands. Improved reaction times: The main goal of this update is to improve hand tracking reaction times. This reduces the delay between your hand movements and the virtual reactions to a minimum. The result? A seamless and immersive experience. We’re not just talking about small improvements here. With the latest update, you can experience a latency reduction of up to 40% in typical use. This means you can explore virtual reality even faster and more fluidly.

Overall, this update makes your viewing experience of properties in the virtual world more intuitive and immersive. You can explore properties as if you were actually there, benefiting from improved response times and natural interaction. Whether you are an experienced VR user or a novice, these enhancements will make virtual reality goggles easier to use and operate.

You can find our own VR app here. We look forward to welcoming you to our Azury VR experience and showing you how this technology can impact real estate marketing. Feel free to contact us to schedule your virtual tour and experience the future of property buying!

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