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20 December 2022

The Yachting Experience

We have already succeeded in our goal of developing the Real Estate Experience, which is why we are taking on the next challenge. Why shouldn’t a virtual reality tour also work through a superyacht?

Through our large network, we managed to get in touch with the captain of a superyacht. He was more than open to our idea of yacht visualization. In a short time we organized the visualization days on the Côte d’Azur, so that a few days later our small team arrived at the harbor in the south of France. In two days, every corner of the 40-meter superyacht was scanned and recorded. On site, however, we faced our first challenge – an infinite number of mirrors in which our camera was constantly visible. In addition, there was the bustling activity at the harbor, which was very interested in our technology and thus regularly ran through the image on the exterior shots. Despite the challenges, our team on site was able to deliver flawless footage to our VR developers, which a short time later was already assembled into a virtual reality tour – the starting signal for the Yachting Experience was given.

If you are curious and want to escape to a 40 meter long Sunseeker superyacht come by our showroom at Schumannstraße 3 in Munich!

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